Thursday, July 12, 2007

Great job with a good retirement plan.

I'm sitting here wondering about motives.

Thinking of the army/our military in general. I know some people have signed up for our military because there are good benefits. They help pay for college, hospital care free of charge for their veterans, loans at a lower interest rate. They help train you in jobs you wouldn't normally be able to get fresh out of high school. They teach you things like discipline and leadership that help you through life.

I wonder though if I'd rather have soldiers that joined the army for the benefits, or soldiers that joined because they love freedom and wanted to destroy the enemy to our freedom.

How many Christians have signed on to salvation simply for the benefits?
Which soldier are you?


One Sided said...

Signed up as a fill duty, lifer. Open and subject to the desires of my Commander. I have pledged my life to this service.

Anonymous said...

very good question.